WHY Alddn Serving Dishes, Trays & Platters Is Distinctive Beautifully

WHY OUR Serving Dishes, Trays & Platters Is Distinctive Beautifully crafted rustic wooden serving tray with black handles- Easy-to-hold sturdy handles- Great wood food serving tray for breakfast in bed or for dinner and a movie in the living room- Vintage Farm house tray design- So many uses! Decorative tray for table, Serving Trays and platters, Coffee Table trays for living room remotes or laptop, and so many more! Our customers have even used it as an outdoor serving tray for hosting parties or as a bar tray for liquor display.- High Edges to prevent items from falling out- No splinters or snags. High quality wood with a smooth touch

Rustic Wooden Serving Tray with Metal Handles 20 inch Ottoman Coffee Table Tray - Wooden Tray Perfect for Breakfast-Coffee Table-Tea-Dinner- for Home Decor and Kitchen Decorative Tray

These serving trays are built with the Premium quality pine wood. The food tray handles are made of black iron. Our coffee table tray is made of high quality wood with a smooth touch. Breakfast in bed with style amp

Our wooden tray ,wood serving tray has been designed to have endless uses. It can work as a coffee tray, tea tray, ottoman tray, decorative trays, tray tables, TV trays for eating, and for all the uses.

The serving tray with handles presents a design that will give a rustic and classic touch to your house. It will look extravagant over the kitchen table or in any place you want to place

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