Large Wood Serving Tray Wooden Decorative Coffee Tea Platter Black Walnut

All Our Trays Are Handcrafted by Premium Black Walnut from USA. As a tray, they are heavy, strong, durable and practical in daily life, while as a handicraft, they can serve as a home decor with their elegant and decorative look or even have collection value.

Special No Dead Angle Design: it leaves no room for dust and makes cleanup a breeze with this design. Just wipe it clean with wet cloth, so easy!

Incredibly Sleek Surface: the surface of all our trays has been burnished three times by hands of our carpenters, so they touch smoothly without any splinter. And helped by our top coating technology, the natural wooden grains of trays are also perfectly preserved.

Wood Serving Trays - Black Walnut

Constructed of selected premium black walnut from USA, strong and durable, ensures a lifetime use.

Highly decorative function with the luxury black walnut material, never out of style.

No Splinters, No Dead Angles!

Unique no-dead-angle design leaves no room for dust and makes cleanup a breeze; just wipe the dust out in the inner corners with wet cloth!

Spliced craftsmanship makes the tray not easy to warp or crack.

Superb Burnished Sleek Surface!

Well-sanded smooth surface, definitely no splinters, no sharp corners, great handhold feeling.

Safe coating applied, so that the water, coffee or drink splashed on can be easily cleaned.

Multipurpose! Tea, drinks, meals, snacks, whatever!

Multipurpose: you can use it to serve tea and enjoy your leisurely time alone or with your friends.

Multipurpose: you can use it to serve snack, meals, to share quality time with your families.

Multipurpose: you can use it to serve drinks, coffee at hotels, bars or coffee shops.

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