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1: UNIQUE - LED Bulb G4- LED light source on crystal ceramics substrate -NEW LED chips Packaging Technology for higher light-out angle 360°. 2: HIGH Lumens -170LM of 1.5W - LED Light efficacy 115lm/w. 3: ENERGY Saving - 20Watt halogen bulb equivalent uses only 1.5Watts. [Same Lumens, Less power, More energy-efficient!] 4: LONG Lifespan - 30,000 hours. 5: 100% Money Back Guarantee. Product Description Color: Warm White (2-Pack) Save electricity bill Replace 20W halogen bulb by 1.5 Watt. Save over 85% on electricity bill of lighting. Easy installation Standard G4 base. Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary halogen bulbs. Reduce re-lamp frequency Lifespan is over...

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